hold up, if you are here, that means...


legit, how I feel 

AHHH, it's legit, so freaking exciting!

But on the real, this is the one choice in all of your wedding planning that remains after that damn expensive party is over, so I can not express the importance of having badass pictures (and a badass photographer) that YOU LOVE!!

Because this is your love story, make NO compromises with these memories. Remember, pictures are forever, and there is no re-do for this day... so you want it done RIGHT.. right?! YESSS!

Well, that's where I come in... 

On such an important day, I come in invested, as a friend and professional, not just your hired help.I go above and beyond any 'job requirements' doing whatever I can to make the day less stressful and more memorable for you both. Capturing your day as a whole; from start to finish. Getting ready, all the way to the end of the party!

19417353_1792332200793921_2298872403907224567_o (1).jpg

Look, what I am trying to say is; I give a shit. Like, I really do care, and I'm not sure you'll find anyone else who does quite as much as me. And even if you did, they probably aren't as funny as me anyway.. so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

My pictures aren't taken from the outside looking in; I am a part of your day, not just a bystander. From our very first email, till the party stops at 2 am, I am there for you. Whether you have pre-wedding questions, need an experienced eye and advice, or just want someone to be excited with, I am there. I'll be crying during your vows, honest but helpful during your portraits, with you on the dance floor singing spice girls, bustling your dress, fixing your hair, refilling your drink (and having one with you), making sure your grandma can see your first dance from her wheelchair, and I may even end up dragging her out to there to bust a move with you! - true story.  Either way, from beginning to end, I've got your back.

.. like for real, I mean it.

 Sure, the cake will get eaten, the flowers will wilt, and your guests will eventually go home, but I want you to be confident that you can relive this amazing day through some dope af pictures, and I bust my ass making that happen for you.

If you’ve made it this far and think "HOLY MOLY! She is definitely THE photographer for us!" but are worried about prices and budget; STOPPPP stressin and definitely reach out anyway. All that I ask is that you understand this is my career and how I pay our bills and feed our kids (we have 3 of em, and they are alllways hungry) so don't low ball me lol, or treat this like you're “shopping around for the best deal” cuz that's not cool... But if you have legit fallen in love with my work, my attitude and my approach, ANNND you appreciate all of my efforts, and you just HAVE to HAVE me - I would love to chat with you about a custom package or price that works for us both! 

I know money can be a little weird to talk about but trust me, you being happy on your big day is WAYYY more important than you stressing the dollas. - So for real, dont feel awkward, just let me know!