Well HELLO, future married people, I am so excited you're here!

Like for real, I can't express the importance of having awesome pictures to cherish long after this damn expensive party is over.  

Trust me; I've been there with my wedding! And honestly, it didn't go well. I didn't realize the importance of the investment and how big of a roll your photographer will, or should, play in not just your wedding. Not just the day of, but the entire process. So now I apply that experience and go above and beyond any "job requirements" doing whatever I can to make the day less stressful and more memorable for you both.

You don't understand; I LOVE weddings! Never have I left one feeling like anything less than family! 

Sure, the cake will get eaten, the flowers will wilt, and your guests will eventually go home, but I want you to be confident that you will never forget that night… and every part of it that will change your lives forever. And not just the way everything looked, but also how every moment felt. 

It's an emotional thing for me; I know that one day, long past my and your lifetimes, these pictures will still be there, telling your story.

(to this day you can still catch me crying at some point during every wedding)