How you doin?

I'm Kiersten,

and if you ask me; I am a life loving, french bulldog obsessed, mom of two, and fiancé to the hottest man on this planet. Ya know, just your average tattooed chick.

but.. if you asked my mom.. she'd probably tell you I am a sarcastic, spunky little rebel, a social butterfly, and a hippie, who loves taco bell and appreciates good vacuum lines.

As the only southerner in my family, and a native to Panama City, FL, I enjoy the finer things in life, such as; when slower traffic keeps right, Mexican food + margaritas, and of course, spending time with my babe and our littles.

I'm not just your photographer; I'm your new best friend. Seriously, from the moment you first contact me, we are insta-besties.. it's sorta MAGICAL

So, if you can't tell already, I am pretty laid back and easy to get along with; you will feel at ease with me, and trust me when I say, your pictures will DEF reflect that. Your kids will laugh, your family will relax, and your REAL memories will be captured for a lifetime. Annnnddd they won't be lame AF, because I think you deserve pictures that are as badass as you are.

Getting married? I got you. Have a family? I got you. Kids? Old ones, new ones, fur ones? Idc, I got you. Graduating? Proposing? Pregnant? Engaged? Single? Doesn't matter, I got you. Hell, even if you want to take your clothes off and get sexy, girrllll, I still got you!! For real, I do it all and I always have your back! 



If anyone is planning their wedding and looking for a photographer, look no further because you won’t find anything better. She is the shit!
— Carly M

and just in case you were on the fence, these people ↓↓↓ think I am pretty cool too.

Oh my goodness, seriously words can’t describe how much we appreciate you. Our wedding wouldn’t have been as special without you guys. So talented, so fun, and you fit in like you were a part of the wedding party.
Your work is incredible and I really hope our paths cross again!
— Molly Fuselier, Pensacola FL
This girl is the sweetest and funniest I’ve ever met! She had our guests laughing so much and really knows how to make you feel relaxed during a shoot. Our wedding photos were more gorgeous than I thought possible! Highly recommened.
— Brandy Brock, Panama City FL
Love Kiersten’s spunky personality and you can see her vibrant character come across in her pictures. She was very enjoyable to be around and took amazing shots.
— Chelsea Tindle, Milton FL
Kiersten made my wedding day absolutely perfect. She made everyone so comfortable that smiling came natural. Her work is flawless and she is an absolute rockstar to work with! I highly recommend!!!
— Hannah Kirkland, Midland City AL