Chelsea + Brett, Dothan Alabama Wedding

Man, I am tellin ya, I really do have the best brides ever. Every time, it never fails, we mesh, they know what they're getting with me (a damn good time, haha) and I always luck out with the best of the best!! But sometimes, its even a little more than that, like with Chelsea and I - haha, from the first phone convo and beyond, it was the best time!! lol 

But even more than how great we got along, Chelsea was taken by Brett, and I don't mean like relationship status; taken. I mean like she was just swept, swooning, head over heels, in true and authentic, love with him. They were every bit of happy. Every bit of fun. And every bit perfect for each other. 

And of course with love like that, you need a unique backdrop, and with no place sweeter than the Sweet Home itself, beautiful Alabama was the obvious choice. With her supa cute purple kicks matching her sweet grandpa to her perfect smile, Chelsea was just drop dead gorgeous. Brett, looking suave in his tux, made the most handsome groom, fitting for such a beautiful bride. 

They were the perfect duo, but I must say when Chelsea's dad saw her... I cried... A lot. lol Like for real, for real, balled... He was just so happy and so in awe of his little girl.. so definitely don't miss that!!! 

Chelsea getting down on the dance floor is a must see, her trying not to catch on fire during the exit, also great... and the time I told all of the girls I wasn't getting their faces, and they gave me a great shot that really shows their true friendship hahaha!!! Pure goodness. 

.... tbh though, the couples portraits, before and after the ceremony, are TO. DIE. FOR... like little models they were!!! 

Ugh, IDK, I loved it all. SOOO, thank you so much you two beautiful humans for letting me be a part of such a wildly beautiful, insanely fun, and (slightly alcohol infused, hahaha) day!!! It twas the greatest!!!!